Mini Holland New Malden Raynes Park link

The next Mini Holland project, following Portsmouth Road, from RBK, is a connection between New Malden and Raynes Park; a new walking and cycling route. It will run alongside the railway on Thames Water supply pipes and go under the A3 dual carriageway. The new route is planned to open up an area of valuable green space for all ages to enjoy, cycle, walk, learn and relax; making it quick and easy to travel on a traffic free route between the two town centres in a way that has not previously been possible.

The long term plan, perhaps aspiration, at present, is that this route will link with the planned Transport for London Quietway from Waterloo to Clapham and on to Wimbledon which will extend to Raynes Park. It is not yet clear what route the Quietway will take nor, as far as we are aware, has funding been made available.

On behalf of the Council, Sustrans have this month (March 2015) held two public drop-in sessions to speak with local people and organisations about the New Malden and Raynes Park link, to showcase concept designs and to gather feedback on various options. We attended both sessions and were able to engage with the local community and their varied concerns.

The prospects for the route are good, it is intended to link to the bridge over the railway between Alric Avenue and Dukes Avenue and with the Cut in New Malden and Raynes Park Sports Ground. Detailed design, however, has yet to be undertaken and public consultation is planned for June 2015. Links to this route, at either end, potentially joining up Kingston and Wimbledon town centres are crucial, as is security and safety