Midweek ride to West Horsley


Ashtead Common, with the Poser at the front & his new Bike

Wednesday 17th April, a largely bright Sunny day saw 16 Cyclists leave via the Portsmouth Rd track, with 1 extra ‘late starter’, joining us as we approached Winters Bridge, Long Ditton, Hinchley wood, – with a short delay whilst someone got his stamps !-, Littleworth, Esher, Fairmile, Cobham, Hatchford, Ockham, to West Horsley for lunch at the ‘Barley Mow’, then East Horsley, Effingham, Bookham, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Ashtead Common (Photo), – with a brief explanation of how the ‘Coal Tax’, helped the City of London maintain this & many other Commons & green spaces around the City-, Epsom Common, to the ‘Old Moat Garden Centre’ for refreshments, West Ewell, Tolworth, Berrylands to Kingston. Total 32 Miles, 2 new Faces, thanks to Steve D for back marking, & others for marking corners.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/763492

Midweek ride to Gasholder Park (Kings Cross)

Wednesday 11th May, a strong blustery wind to start, before light Drizzle, turned to steady Rain. After 1 Cancellation & 1 no show, 11 Cyclists left New Malden on the Beeline, Raynes park, Wimbledon Chase, Wimbledon, Wandle path, Earlsfield, Wandsworth Common, Clapham Common, Stockwell, Oval, the first of several missed turns (had the drizzle woked it’s way into the sat-nav?), Waterloo, another missed turn, Southwark Bridge instead of Blackfriars, Cycleway 3, to rejoin the planned route in Blackfriars, Cycleway 6, Farringdon, -yet another navigation malfunction, Angel, eventually back on track to the Regents Canal Towpath-, to ‘Granery Square’, -with Steady rain, no-one fancied the planned Picnic, but luckily, there was a very handy Canopy outside Waitrose, as they also had a Cafe for those who fancied something warm-, a quick stop to look at the ‘Kissing roof’s’ (Photo), an even briefer stop to look at the Gasholders, as the Rain seemed to be worsening, Old St Pancras Churchyard, brief word about ‘the Hardy Tree’, Euston, Regents Park, – with a majority voting for a Train option-, Marylebone, Hyde Park, to find queues of people trying to get to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party, had closed off option 1, so Victoria instead of Waterloo, 4 brave souls continued via Chelsea Bridge, Battersea Park, Wandsworth, Wandsworth Park, Putney, Barnes, Roehampton, Richmond Park to finish at Kingston gate. Total 35 Miles, Special thanks to John E for back marking. Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1451753

The leader with ‘Kissing Roof’s’, Coal drops yard & 1 of the Gasholders near the ‘Park’.

Challenge ride to Holmbury St Mary

Sunday 8th May. A gorgious Sunny day after 2 late cancellations, 15 Cyclists left the Market place via Portsmouth Rd, Long Ditton, Hinchley wood, Littleworth, -gathering 1 extra-, Esher, Fairmile, Cobham, Downside, Effingham, White down, Abinger, to Holmbury St Mary for lunch at the delightful Royal Oak,- joined by 1 more now 17 in total-, brief return to Abinger, Friday Street (Photo), Wotton, Westcott, Dorking, Norbury Farm, Hawk Hill to Bocketts Farm for Tea & Bread pudding, Leatherhead, Ashtead, Ashtead Common, Manor Park, Long grove Park, -with a visit from the ‘P Fairy’, soon repaired-, West Ewell, Tolworth, Berrylands, to finish back in Kingston. Total 45 Miles, 1 new face, thanks to John E for back marking & Mike F for marshalling thanks to John D for the BP. 1 P Fairy. Map :- www.plotaroute.com/route/1900417

Friday Street Pond

Southwest London Parks & links

A new route to complement the get Cycling booklet, to see some quiet routes in New Malden, & Morden, as well as a couple of good family friendly Parks, & a nice refreshment stop, before finishing with the delightful Beeline way. Approx 10 Miles total.

Start from New Malden Station, cross the main Road to the Cut, an off Road, tarmac path, follow to the end, turn Left (L), under Railway, use the Toucan crossing at the end, then follow signs to South Lane,

1. Use Subway under the A3.

2. Use Toucan crossing to get to Motspur Park.

3. Lower Morden Roundabout can be busy, if uncertain, dismount & Walk to Lower Morden Lane,

4. Morden Park, Morden Leasure centre is also nearby.

5. Use Toucan to cross busy Dual carriageway.

6. Stableyard Cafe for refreshments, Morden Hall Park has many other delights, including a Boardwalk, (Dotted Red line), no Cycling, but you can walk the Bikes for 200 metres, then remount to rejoin the route.

7. Kingston Road can be busy at times, please stay alert to Traffic & suroundings.

8. The Beeline Way, a delightful end to the ride.


Bread pudding ride to Knaphill

Sunday 24th April, A mostly Sunny day, with a blustery wind, after 4 late cancellations, with 2 late unannounced guests, 15 Cyclists in 1 group, left via Kingston Bridge, Bushy Park, Hampton, Lower Sunbury, Shepperton, Chertsey Bridge, Chertsey Meads, Addlestone, Homewood Park, Dunstal green -with a very pleasant tailwind-, Chobham, Pennypot to Knaphill for lunch at the very friendly, if slightly slow food delivery, ‘Royal Oak’, then Goldsworth Park & Lake (Photo), ‘slightly astray’ (see red dotted line on Map). Woking, Byfleet, Brooklands for Tea & Bread pudding at Marks & Spencer Cafe, Brooklands Park, Weybridge, Walton, Molesey, Thames Ditton, Portsmouth Rd to finish back in Kingston. Total 40 Miles, thanks to Mike F for back marking, thanks to Bai for being ready to lead a 2nd group, thanks to John D for the BP. Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1881908

Goldsworth Park Lake : Lindsay

Evening ride to Hampton

Wednesday 20th April, a bright, slightly chilly Evening, with 1 no show, saw 9 Cyclists, in 1 group leave via Skerne Rd, Latchmere, Tudor Estate, Ham, Teddington Lock & Footbridge, Teddington, Fulwell, Hampton Hill, to Hampton for refreshments at the very hospitable ‘Railway Bell’, then a bit more Hampton, Bushy Park, Hampton Wick & Kingston Bridge to finish. Total 11 Miles, thanks to John E for back marking.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1872658

Midweek ride to Addlestone

Wednesday 13th April A mostly Cloudy day, with glimpses of Sun, after 2 Cancellations, 13 Cyclists in 1 group left the Market place via Portsmouth Rd, Thames Ditton, Molesey, Walton, Weybridge, Byfleet, New Haw, Row town, to Addlestone for lunch at the Pelican, a pleasant Pub next to the Wey Navigation, then Chertsey Meads, Chertsey Bridge, Shepperton (Photo), Haliford, Sunbury to the Walled Garden for Tea & Refreshments, Hampton, Bushy Park, Hampton Wick, Kingston Bridge to finish. Total 29 Miles. Thanks to John E for back marking, thanks to Mags for being on standby, if a second group had been required.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1868983

Near Shepperton Lakes

Bread pudding ride to Effingham

Sunday 10th April, a mostly bright sunny day, after 2 cancellations, and 2 no shows, 19 Cyclists split into 2 groups, left via Portsmouth Rd, Long Ditton, Hinchley Wood, Littleworth, Claremont, – with 1 local resident a little upset that group 2 knew the way out-, Fairmile, Cobham, Hatchford, Martyr’s green, to Effingham for lunch at a very hospitable, ‘Queen Stage’ (a term used in multi-day Cycle races for the hardest stage), (Photo group 2), with 1 defection from group 1 to group 2, Bookham, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Ashtead, Ashtead Common, Epsom Common (group 1 photo), to Epsom for Tea & Bread pudding at ‘the old Moat Cafe’, with a defection from group 2 to group 1, also ‘Sat-nav’ for group 2 deciding to retire early, but ‘the Stowaway’ from lunch saved the day, West Ewell, Tolworth, Berrylands, to finish back in Kingston. Total 30 Miles, Special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to Chris F & Mike F for back marking each group, thanks to John D for the BP.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1866719

Group 2 & Stowaway after lunch, Queen Stage, Effingham
Group 1, at Stew Pond, Epsom Common

2 part ride to Chessington & Molesey

Sunday 20th March Part 1 A mostly bright Sunny morning, saw 15 Cyclists plus 1 unexpected guest, so 16, split into 2 groups, leave via Fairfield, Norbiton, New Malden, -with 1 extra joining group 1-, Raynes park, Wimbledon Chase, Cannon Hill (Photo group 2), Lower Morden, Worcester park, Stoneleigh, West Ewell, a brief section of Hogsmill path (Photo group 1)-, Bonesgate path to Chessington for lunch at the William Bourne (Stonegate pubs), back on the Bonesgate path, Tolworth, Surbiton to finish back in Kingston. Sub-total 17 Miles, 1 new face, Special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to John E & Toni for back marking each group.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/860017

Group 2 Cannon Hill Common: Bai
Group 1 Hogsmill path, Ewell

Part 2, saying farewell to 8 & welcome 4 fresh faces, 13 Cyclists in 1 group left via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Surbiton, Long Ditton, Hinchley wood, Littleworth Common -, – with 1 member suffering a small tumble, swiftly remounted-, Esher, Molesey, to Molesey Cricket Club for Tea & Bread pudding, retraceing our route through Molesey, Thames Ditton, Portsmouth Rd track to finish back in Kingston. Sub-total 14 Miles, Total 31 Miles, Thanks to Ellie for back marking, thanks to John D for the BP.

Map :- www.plotaroute.com/route/1846102

Midweek ride to Clerkenwell

Wednesday 16th March, after 4 cancellations & 1 late addition, 13 Cyclists in 1 group, met at New Malden Station, with overcast Skies, but dry Morning, left via the Beeline, Raynes park, Wimbledon Chase, Wimbledon, Wandle Trail, Earlsfield, Wandsworth Common, Clapham Common, Stockwell,, the Oval, Lambeth, to Waterloo, to visit the ‘Pride of Lions‘ (Photo) that have dropped by for a visit, courtesy of Born Free, Cycleway 6 across Blackfriars Bridge, Farringdon, to see the site of the ‘Clerks Well‘, which gives the reason the area is called Clerkenwell for lunch at ‘the Duke’, – it just happens to be on ‘my Street’ 🙂 -, then with steady Drizzle, Bloomsbury, Marylebone, Hyde Park, Kensington, Brompton Cemetery, Fulham, Putney Bridge, Putney,- now with steady Rain, a strategic decision to change the Tea venue from Wimbledon Common,- Barnes Common, Roehampton to Roehampton gate Cafe for Tea & what’s this, Bread pudding, on a midweek ride, -rumour has it that Mr Dunn has let slip the recipe-, also some Chocolate Sponge fingers, Robin Hood gate, the Kingston Hill Cycle track, Coombe estate, to finish back in New Malden. Total 29 Miles, special thanks to Pete M for being prepared to lead a 2nd group, thanks to Mike F for back marking, thanks to Mike L for the BP, thanks to Tilani for the Fingers. Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1833775

Waterloo Millenium green & some of the ‘Born free lions’
Need I say more ! :Tilani P

Bread pudding ride to Ashtead

Sunday 6th March, a largly bright, breezy slightly chilly day, saw 20 Cyclists split into 2 groups, leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, New Malden, Motspur park- with 1 mnore joining group 1-, Mayflower Park (a small nature reserve, next to the ‘Hamptons development’), (Photo’s), North Cheam, Cheam Park, Nonsuch Park, East Ewell, Epsom, Ashtead Park, to Ashtead for lunch at the ‘Woodman’ (Ember Inns), -with the leader of group 2 feeling let down by the Pub, due to dietry issue-, a nice tailwind pushing us through Leatherhead, to Fetcham, Bookham Common, Downside, Cobham, Fairmile, to Claremont Lakes Cafe (Naional trust), Esher, Hinchley wood, -with a bit of a headwind-, Long Ditton, Surbiton, to finish back in Kingston. Total 31 Miles. Special thanks to Carl for leading group 2, thanks to John E & Amy for back marking each group.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1832747

Group 1 Mayflower Park, Worcester park: Lindsay
Group 2 Mayflower Park: Carl