Midweek ride to Hammersmith

Wednesday 15th December. With a Cloudy but otherwise pleasant day, and after a few late cancellations, 15 Cyclists, in 1 group left via Kingston Bridge, Bushy Park, Teddington, Teddington Lock, Ham gate Richmond Park, Roehampton gate, Barnes Common, Putney- with a slipped Chain causing a minor delay-,, Putney Bridge, Bishops Park, Fulham, Thames Towpath to Hammersmith for lunch at the ‘Plough & Harrow’ (Wetherspoons), then Ravenscourt Park, Acton, Gunnersbury Park (Photo), Brentford, to Syon Park for refreshments, Isleworth, Whitton, Twickenham, Strawberry hill, Teddington, a very congested Hampton Wick, Kingston Bridge, to finish back in the Market place. Total 28 Miles, thanks to Mike & John for sharing the Back marking, thanks to Pete for being on standby to lead a group, thanks to Tilani for the Shortbread, thanks to Chris for the Ginger Cake, both treats were delicious !!

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1033328

Christmas special ride to New Malden

Sunday 12th December, a bright start, with some light drizzle during & just after lunch, saw 29 Cyclists, split into 3 groups, leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Tolworth & Greenway, West Ewell, Stoneleigh, Worcester park, Old Malden, to New Malden, joined by 2 non Cyclists & 2 more who had missed the Train to Kingston for the start, for a superb lunch at Woodies, after thankyou speech for the Pub & others our leader announced, that he couldn’t split the final Two for Support rider of the year, So Carl & Bai both got some treats, thanks also to John & Christine for all the Bread puddings this year, Bai replied with thanks to me as ride leader & organiser, with 1 of group 2 having a visit from the ‘P fairy’, then back on the Bikes with some very ‘full bellies’, Motspur park, Lower Morden, Morden Park (Photo group 1), Morden, Ravensbury Park- group 1 suffering a visit from the ‘P fairy’-, soon overtaken by group 2 plus, to Morden Hall Park, just in time for Tea & Bread pudding, another presentation from John, for the best attendance this yeaar, to John Ede, just about daylight as we departed via, Merton park, Wimbledon Chase, Raynes park, New Malden, Norbiton, to finish back in Kingston. Total 25 Miles, Special thanks to Bai & Carl for leading groups 2 & 3, thanks to Toni, Mike F, Jon W & Chris F for back marking duties, thanks to John D for the BP.

A depleted group 1, Morden Park: Lindsay
Group 2 enjoying lunch: Bai Kamara

Map:- http://www.plotaroute.com/route/1760624

Bread Pudding ride to Streatham

Sunday 28th November. a not quite frozen, sunny day, after 6 late cancellations, saw 16 Cyclists in 2 groups, leave via Berrylands, New Malden, Motspur park, -collecting 1 more for group 2-, Cannon Hill, Morden, Morden Hall Park, Mitcham, -collecting 1 more for group 1-, Tooting, Tooting Bec Common, to Streatham Hill for lunch at the very reasonable ‘Crown & Sceptre’, Tulse Hill, Brockwell Park, Brixton, Clapham Common, Wandsworth Common (Photo group 1), a novel detour to Wandsworth, King Georges Park, Earlsfield, to Wimbledon Park for Tea & Bread pudding, Wimbledon village, Raynes park, New Maldeen, Norbiton, to finish back in Kingsto. Total 27 Miles, Special thanks to Carl for leading group 2, thanks to Chris F for taking on the Back marking at short notice, also thanks to Mike for back marking group 2, thanks to John D for the BP.

Group 1 Wandsworth Common Credit: Lindsay
Group 2 Wimbledon Park Credit: Bai Kamara

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/717450

Midweek ride to Woodmansterne

Wednesday 17th November. A bright but chilly day saw an impressive 23 Cyclists (a record for a Midweek ride), split into 2 groups, leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Tolworth & Greenway, West Ewell, Epsom, Epsom Downs (Group 1 Photo), Tadworth, Banstead, to Woodmansterne for lunch at the Woodman, joined by 1 more guest, then Wallington, -with group 1 back marker having a technical issue, Group 2 having a visit from the ‘P Fairy’, and a Mudgaurd malfunction, all in the ‘Beddington Triangle’, might give the area a miss in future 😉-, Beddington Park (Photo group 2), Hackbridge, Wandle trail, to Morden Hall Park for refreshments, Morden, Morden Park, Lower Morden, Motspur park, New Malden to finish back in Kingston. Total 29 Miles, 2 new faces, Special thanks to Pete for leading group 2, thanks to Dave P & John E for back marking each group.

Group 1 Epsom Downs viewpoint
Group 2, Beddington Park

Note: Apologies to group 2, due to a software issue, the Sat-nav took a wrong turn, not Group leaders fault.


2 part ride to Twickenham & Long Ditton

Sunday 14th November Part 1. A mostly overcast day, with 1 small period of very light misty drizzle, after 4 late cancellations, saw 18 Cyclists, in 2 groups leave via Skerne Rd, Aerospace Estate, Ham, Ham gate, to Petersham Gate, -time to reflect on Remembrance Sunday for 2 minutes, group 2 also listened to Andrea read a verse from ‘For the Fallen’,by Laurence Binyon, ‘They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them.’-, Richmond, Richmond Bridge, St Margarets, Isleworth, Whitton, Kneller Gardens (Group 1 Photo), to Twickenham for a (too) early lunch at the ‘Prince Blucher’, -with hastily printed Menu’s that had the wrong price’s for most meals-, Strawberry hill, Teddington, Hampton Wick, Kingston Bridge, to finish. Sub total 13 Miles, special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to Chris F & Andrea for back marking each group.

Group 1, Kneller Gardens & River Crane

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/723496

Part 2, saying farewell to 6, welcoming 7 fresh faces, 19 Cyclists in 2 groups left via Kingston Bridge, Thames Towpath, Hampton Court, (Group 2 Photo), East Molesey, Esher, Claygate, to Long Ditton Garden Centre (Squires), now insisting on ‘Table service’, a long wait for orders, but quick delivery, to help digest the Bread pudding, Surbiton to finish back in Kingston. Sub total 12 Miles, Total 25 Miles, 1 new face, special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to Toni & Mike F for back marking each group.

Group 2 with Hampton Court Screen

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1742227

Bread pudding ride to Pimlico

Sunday 24th October. With 1 late cancellation, & 1 unannounced guest, a rather Cloudy Morning, & a Sunny Afternoon, saw 20 Cyclists split into 2 groups, leave New Malden, via the Beeline (C31), Raynes park, South Wimbledon, a stretch of the Wandle trail- with 1 more joining group 1-, Wandsworth Common, Clapham Common, -with 1 member of group 2 suffering a Saddle Malfunction, manage to find a Bike shop, get a new Saddler fitted & rejoin the ride before the end of lunch, quite impressive-, Vauxhall (Q5), Vauxhall Bridge CS5), to Pimlico for lunch at the ‘White Swan’ (McMullens), Westminster (Photo group 2), Victoria Embankment (CS3), to Southwark Bridge CS7), Borough, Walworth (C17), Burgess Park, Loughborough, Brockwell Park, Tulse Hill, Streatham, To Tooting Bec Common, for Tea & Bread pudding, Tooting, Mitcham, Morden Hall Park, Morden, Morden Park, Lower Morden, Motspur park, to finish back at New Malden. Special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to Steve D & Mike F for back marking each group, thanks to John D for the BP. It was good to see Tom again after the incident earlier in the Summer.

Group 1 with the London Eye
Group 2 at Westminster Abbey: Bai Kamara

Note: The various Cycle track, Quietways, Cycle super highways, etc, are gradually in the process of being renumbered by TfL, all as Cycleways, this should make route’s a bit easier to follow in the future

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/747539

Midweek ride to Ripley

Wednesday 13th October, A mostly bright sunny day, with 1 cancellation due to a visit from the ‘P fairy’, saw 19 Cyclists (I think this is a record for a Midweek ride), left via Portsmouth Rd track, Thames Ditton, Molesey, Walton on Thames, Weybridge, Brooklands Park, Byfleet, West Byfleet, Pyrford, Newark Priory (Photo)- whilst Group 1 stopped for the Photo, group 2 took the lead, never to return it, cheeky or what ;-)-,

Group 1, with Newark Priory: Lindsay

Send Marsh, to Ripley, for lunch at the Jovial Sailor, with the Garden mostly closed off for repairs, space was somewhat restricted, but all got Fed & Watered, then Ockham, Hatchford, Cobham, Fairmile, to Claremont lakes Cafe for Tea & refreshments, Esher, Littleworth, Hinchley wood, Long Ditton, Surbiton, to finish back in Kingston. 32 Miles, 2 new faces, special thanks to Pete M for leading group 2, thanks to Mike F & Dave P for back marking each group.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1559849

Challenge ride to Harrow Weald

Sunday 10th October, An overcast Morning, with 3 late cancellations, 18 Cyclists, split into 2 groups, wait 1 late arrival for group 1, left via Skerne Rd, Latchmere, Ham gate Richmond Park, Sheen gate, congested Mortlake ? Chiswick Bridge, Chiswick, Acton- to find the Level crossing closed, A what detour to take, B how to let group 2 know, retrace our route, to the Junction, who should be approaching, hence, stay as 1 large group for a short section-, West Acton, Park Royal, Stonebridge park, Wembley- with a visit from the ‘P fairy’ for group 2- ,

Screwy !

Preston park, Kenton, Kenton Park, Belmont, to Harrow Weald for lunch at the Duck in the Pond, with the Sun emerging from its hiding place, a Sunny Afternoon, Harrow Weald Common (Photo’s), Hatch end- with 1 of group 1 suffering a small tumble, swiftly remounted-, Headstone Manor Rec, West Harrow Rec, South Harrow, Northolt, Northala Field, Southall, Norwood Green, to Osterley Park for Tea & Bread pudding, Osterley, Hounslow, Whitton- with 1 member of group 1 needing a short rest after an ‘SVT episode’, Twickenham, Strawberry hill, Teddington, Hampton Wick Kingston Bridge to finish. Total 42 Miles, 1 new face, Special thanks to Carl for leading group 2, thanks to Toni & John E for back marking each group.


Group 1 Harrow Weald Common
Group 2 Harrow Weald Common

Train assisted ride to Horley

With the Ancient Yew tree, St Georges Church, Crowhurst

Sunday 26th September. A mostly Cloudy morning, with some Afternoon Sun saw 11 Cyclists gather at Clapham Junction, for the Train to Hurst Green collecting 2 more en route, so a Bakers Dozen (13) Cyclists in 1 group with a surprising turn, Bai took the lead, via Merle Common, Crowhurst with a brief chat on the Yew tree (Photo), Blindley Heath, Horne, Smallfield, to Horley for lunch at the very homely ‘Farmhouse Pub’, then a poorly surfaced stretch of NCN 21, Whitebushes, Woodhatch, Flanchford, to Brockham for Tea & Bread pudding at the Church hall, Coach Rd, Pixham, A24 track, Leatherhead, to finish at the Station. Total 31 Miles, very special thanks to Bai for leading, thanks to Mike for back marking, thanks to the Apprentice Corner marker (he does show propmise, he may prove useful in the future), thanks to John D for the BP.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1606022

Car free day ride to Epsom

At the start, Kingston Market place: Hilary G

Wednesday 22nd September, in a new departure for KCC, a jointly organised ride with Kingston Council, to celebrate International Car free day. A warm Sunny Afternoon, saw 9 Cyclists leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Tolworth & the Greenway, Kingston Rd Track, West Ewell, St Ebba’s path, Long grove Park, Manor park, to the Old Moat Garden centre Cafe for Tea & Refreshments, then Horton Country Park, Chessington, Tolworth, Surbiton to finish back at the Market place. Total 14 Miles, 4 new faces, special thanks to Helen for acting as Back marker, thanks to Peter for help with organising the ride.

Map:- www.plotaroute.com/route/1693919