20’s Plenty in Queen’s Road, Kingston Hill

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Queen’s Road is familiar to anyone who has visited Richmond Park through Kingston Gate. It is a road heavily used by people on bikes going to and from Richmond Park and the footways are busy with people going to the park on foot too. Whereas the speed limit in Richmond Park is 20mph, the limit on Queen’s Road is still 30. There is also a substantial amount of traffic going to and through Richmond Park. During peak hours drivers avoid the Norbiton roundabout by cutting along Queen’s Road and King’s Road.

Queen’s Road is a residential road except for the Albert Pub at the Kingston Hill end and Park Hill School and Nursery and St Paul’s Church. The roads leading off Park Road to the west, downhill, sensibly have a 20 mph speed limit. One of these roads, Alexandra Road has St Paul’s Junior School and St Alexandra’s Infant School and of course lots of children going to school walk along and cross Queen’s Road. Recently the views of some councillors in Kingston has been that there should be 20 mph speed limits outside schools.

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There are two zebra crossings and one speed table on this road already. One of the zebras is on a speed hump. We don’t propose that any additional speed reducing measures are put in, but we do want the limit lowered.

Kingston Cycling Campaign has asked councillors for the two wards which adjoin this road what they thought of having a lower limit. Some councillors were favourable to the idea, some said they thought 20 mph is pointless and others said they weren’t sure and that the residents of the road should decide.

20 is plenty (5) - CopyWe have now asked one of the councillors to sponsor the idea of a lower speed limit in Queen’s Road by requesting that the highway officers at the council conduct the speed and traffic surveys that they need to do and to consult the local stakeholders and residents.

Please let us know whether you think 20 is plenty on Queen’s Road by leaving a comment.

2 thoughts on “20’s Plenty in Queen’s Road, Kingston Hill

  1. I suspect that some opponents will argue that drivers can rarely exceed 20mph due to the crossings, frequent traffic jams and parked cars.
    This is not the point.
    A revised limit would reduce the maximum speed and thus the number of drivers needlessly accelerating between hazards. It would also lower the expectation of a high speed being attainable.
    I’m constantly surprised that this road does not already have a 20mph limit. This needs to change.

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