Bike ride with Mini Holland Committee Chair

KCC discuss Fountains Roundabout with Cllr Terry Paton

KCC discuss Fountains Roundabout with Cllr Terry Paton

On a dull Friday morning in December three campaigners from Kingston Cyclists met with Cllr Terry Paton at the Fountain roundabout in New Malden. Terry is Chair of the ‘Residents Committee’, the Kingston Council body responsible for the Mini Holland, or Go Cycle, Schemes. He is aware of our concerns about the very slow progress RBK has made with this once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve provision for cycling, ameliorate air quality, and reduce traffic congestion.

We discussed the Fountain roundabout. At present it is a major barrier to safe 8 to 80 bike riding for all. Our preference would be for a Dutch style roundabout and we have argued for that. We understand that is only one of several options the Council are considering; all options will make it safer for cycling and more pleasant for locals.

KCC and Cllr Terry Paton talk about protected space on Kingston Rd

KCC and Cllr Terry Paton talk about protected space on Kingston Road

We rode up Kingston Road from New Malden towards Kingston (through Terry’s Beverley Ward) following the proposed Mini Holland protected space route. We discussed various design issues along the way such as road space, pedestrian crossings, buses, side roads and the Aldi & Homebase retail park. We also discussed access to the Cut and Elm Road. The Councillor was very sensible and willing to engage and listen.

From our point of view it was a worthwhile morning. We hope Terry also enjoyed getting back on his bike; he told us he used to ride a lot but not recently. We appreciate he, like many of the Officers now involved in Mini Holland delivery, is not responsible for the delays to date, they are trying their best to implement the schemes. Terry is very keen on early engagement on the proposals. We appreciate that but still consider RBK must now bring forward designs for consultation as soon as possible. We propose riding other Mini Holland routes with other Councillors.