Evening ride to Wimb…..,er Ham


near ‘White lodge’, Richmond park

Wednesday 27th April,  a very chilly Evening still saw 12, no wait 13 Cyclists leave the market place, to Skerne Rd, Lower Ham, Aerospace estate, Ham, Ham gate of Richmond park, Ham cross, then a bright flash, was that li…, yes lightning then thunder, more of the same, still our leader ploughed on, turning towards White lodge, slight bit of drizzle, with sn…, no sleet, but a moment later a full blown blizzard, sheltering under a tree in a thunder storm, not recommended, so lets retreat to Ham for refreshments at ‘the New Inn’, then with light but cold drizzle, via the Tudor estate, to Kingston. Total 10 Miles, 2 new faces.

Map :-www.bikemap.net/en/route/3504905