Annual Meeting, 10 May 2016 – notes

Discussion during annual meeting 2016After agreeing the minutes of 2016, John Dunn (JD) talked us through his Treasuer’s report, then he and Roger Mace (RM) gave an overview of how the rides have been in the past year.

The average attendances have continued to grow – this year we are averaging 20 people per ride. RM conceded that sometimes this presents a problem for lunch or tea stops. There was also discussion about safety, and specifically, marshalling. Fortunately RM is lucky in having Bread Pudding Ride regulars who are also capable marshals.

And this led neatly to the next item: arrangements for RideLondon this summer. We will provide a led ride from Kingston to the the traffic-free route in central London, as usual, and over the coming months London Cycling Campaign (LCC) will be looking for volunteer marshalls1. Co-ordinator Jon Fray (JF) will investigate options for publicising the ride locally.

JF thanked the Kingston volunteers who took part in Sign for Cycling, LCC’s recent campaign.

Andy Allan (AA) talked about our new Cyclescape group and outlined features for those not familiar with this tool.

Nick Davies (ND) gave an update on Mini-Holland/Go Cycle/Go Developments. ND has written about the forthcoming consultations. This also gave rise to discussion about the need for a campaigners’ glossary of terms on our website (and a reminder to some campaigners of the need for Plain English!) and this is now in progress.

JF returned to the possibility of running a specific family event – more planning needed here.

Kingston Bike PumpJF and RM gave an update on the Kingston Bike Pump, located opposite John Lewis. We make regular checks but you can report issues on Twitter at

The only remaining items were to thank our Co-ordinator and Treasurer and to elect this year’s officers. JF and JD were re-elected unopposed.

The next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday 14 June, 8pm start, at Kingston Environment Centre, New Malden, by the Fountain roundabout:

  1. Marshals work with the Ride Leader to ensure a ride is safe and the participants enjoy it. LCC advise that marshals should have some experience of marshalling led rides, along with having reached Level 3 Bikeability