Horse Fair crossing changes: September to November 2019

Kingston Council will shortly be commencing work at the Horse Fair/Clarence Street junction in Kingston (near TK Maxx). Works will involve changing the current staggered pedestrian crossing over Horse Fair to a wider, staggered Toucan crossing (one that can be used by both people walking and people on bikes). This will also replace the separate cycle crossing which is only traffic light controlled half way across Horse Fair which we consider a current safety issue.

These works are taking place as part of the Mini Holland (or Go Cycle) projects in the Borough. The works in this area are due to be completed by mid-November 2019.

We asked for the Horse Fair crossing to be ‘straight across’ the road when it is changed rather than continuing to be staggered (in 2 stages). However, traffic modelling of this change suggested it would have caused delays to motor vehicles and therefore unfortunately became a discarded option. We will nevertheless continue to campaign for people taking sustainable options to travel being prioritised above cars as this is the best way to create positive changes in the way people choose to travel across Kingston.


Current staggered crossing over Horse Fair

Changes in this area will also involve building a new pedestrian and cycle crossing over Clarence Street (outside TK Maxx) to join the Horse Fair crossing to upgraded cycle parking outside TK Maxx and an enhanced cycle path towards the West side of Kingston Bridge.

Whilst the works are underway, the cycle parking outside TK Maxx will unfortunately be unavailable but we have been informed by the Council that temporary cycle parking will be installed on the opposite side of the road near to John Lewis.

When the works are complete, the current cycle stands will be re-installed and additional ones will be installed too. This will significantly increase the number of bikes that can be parked here. We are really pleased that more cycle stands will be installed in this extremely popular area for bike parking.

As demand for cycle parking in Kingston town centre increases, we’ve provided the Council with other suggested locations for cycle parking and await a response on which, if any, will be taken forward. Please let the Council know if you have any suggestions for bike parking in the Borough.

5 thoughts on “Horse Fair crossing changes: September to November 2019

  1. Chris Williams says:

    Now that the works are coming to an end I see that they have blocked access back onto the carriageway for those eastbound across the bridge. This is a terrible design for people heading towards Richmond Park via Skerne Road. Previously you could use the cycle track to avoid holding up traffic on the incline and then easily rejoin the carriage way but now your only options are to stay in traffic over the bridge or to make a diversion via Clarence St and the Bus Station and then cross the road again outside Bentalls. I don’t understand the rational behind that decision.

    • The original plans for that area included extending the east-bound bridge lane under John Lewis to link with Skerne Rd. Hopefully that is still on the cards

      • Chris Williams says:

        There is no sign of that work being done now, and all non-emergency roadworks are to cease from the end of this week to the new year. It doesn’t look to me like there is any provision to extend the track, especially as it will be blocked by cycles waiting to cross the road.

      • Matt says:

        The Council’s revised plan is that the eastbound direct route from the Horse Fair crossing to Skerne Road will become shared use along the current footway with minor changes made to resolve pinch points/remove obstacles. We haven’t been given a timeframe for this to happen yet. It will also be possible to rejoin the carriageway from the crossing but yes, it will be more difficult to do that than before as the design prioritises people using the upgraded crossings.

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