Bread pudding ride to Ripley

Sunday 23rd May. A Blustery day, with a few short but heavy Showers saw 15 Cyclist after 1 late cancellation, split into 1 Group of 8, 1 of 7, leave via Portsmouth Rd Track, Surbiton, Long Ditton, Hinchley wood, Esher, Fairmile, Cobham, Hatchford, Ockham, to Ripley for an early lunch at the ‘Jovial Sailor’, with a fantastic canopy covering most of the Garden, -very handy, because a short Deluge from above, & somehow Group 2 got fed first, so they could leave first-, Send Marsh, passing the remains of Newark Priory, Pyrford, West Byfleet, Byfleet (where another Deluge for gropup 2, let group 1 almost catch the tail, thus time for a group 1 Photo),

Group 1 Brooklands Park
Group 2, Wey Bridge, from Brooklands Park: Carl S

Weybridge, Broadwater path, with a Fallen Tree, anyone got a Chainsaw ?, can’t go around it, can’t get under, we’ll have to lift our Bikes over the obstruction, now ‘Groupo Compacto’ as the Giro de Italia riders might say, to Walton Bridge for Tea & Bread pudding at ‘Wilde Bunch’, Walton on Thames, Molesey, Thames Ditton – with Group 1 Leader not watching the tail, so initially unaware that 1 person had suffered a mechanical, leading to an alternaive route home- (a reminder to keep an eye on the back marker, even if we are almost back to the finish), Portsmouth Rd & track to Kingston. Total 34 Miles, Special thanks to Carl for leading group 2, thanks to Steve D & Mike F for Back marking each group, Thanks to John D for the BP. Map:-

Note: For those familiar with the New Malden Raynes Park link, Kingston & Merton Council’s are looking for a name for this delightful route, there is a short-list of 4, I believe a 5th option will be added soon, but for now here is the link, open until June 2nd:- , after further thought, Beeline way will be an added option.

Fallen Tree being traversed : Carl S

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