Bread pudding ride to Bookham

Sunday 20th June. A Cloudy, but otherwise pleasant day after 2 late Cancellations, & 1 abandon before the start, due to a visit from the ‘P Fairy’, so 15 Cyclists split into 2 groups, leave via Lower Marsh, Berrylands, Tolworth & Greenway, West Ewell collecting 1 extra Cyclist, Long Grove Park, Epsom Common, pausing briefly at a Coal tax Post, also a short chat about Ashtead Common & why it’s owned by the City of London, Leatherhead, Fetcham, to Bookham, -not Pub in Little Bookham as originally planned, it turns out someone should have done a bit more research-, as the ‘Old Crown’ isn’t doing food at the moment, but does have very helpful, friendly staff & 2 Pet Rabbits, so we elected to stay, whilst some had come prepared, others found the local Co-op for grub, then with darkening Skies, Effingham, Martyr’s Green, Hatchford, Downside (Photo 1), Cobham, Fairmile, to Claremont Lake Cafe for Tea & Bread pudding, Esher, Hinchley wood, Long Ditton, Surbiton (Photo 2) to finish back in Kingston. Special thanks to Mags for group leading, thanks to Amy & Toni for Back marking each group, very special thanks to Christine for the BP.

Map:- www.plotaroute/route/954549

Group 1 Downside Bridge
Group 2 Queens Prom, Surbiton : Tracey C