Rogers review of 2021

The Year started with another long break, due to the Covid Pandemic, with many Pubs not offering Food yet, a few Picnic rides seemed in order, either in a Pub Garden, or a Park. A Sunday ride in early May, had an unfortunate mishap, Tom having a fall, with a heavily bruised Shoulder & a damaged Bike, needing a Taxi home, happily he is back on the Bike, & joined us for at least 1 ride, before the Year end despite his busy schedule, later in May a Fallen Tree caused some inconvenience between Weybridge & Walton. Evening rides also had an unusual start, most Pubs looked to close by 9pm on a Wednesday, so for April, we moved to a Thursday, thankfully for 1 month only, in June after much debate, we decided to have the Evening ride, as near to the ‘Summer Solstice’ as poss, rather than stick to ‘Bike Week’, worth it for the Pic.

In July, it was nice to see an improved Cycle path, together with a new stretch in Stanwell- not just Kingston finding Money for improved Cycle facilities-. A highlight for me this year was a new ride to Godstone, with lunch at a Farm (it does sort of double as a Pub as Godstone Brewery is on the same site),

followed by the delightful Woldingham Valley, an area I’ve tried to include in a ride for many years, sadly the Weather didn’t play ball this year, so me thinks we’ll have to do that ride again 🙂, another good ride was the ‘Train assisted ride’, somehow Bai was allowed to lead 😉, from Hurst Green to Horley to another new venue, the Farmhouse Pub, I’m sure we’ll be back. For 1 of the Midweek rides, another new venue, was a ‘Knocked down Pub’, happily rebuilt on the orders of the Council, so rare praise for Westminster this time,

again, I’m sure we’ll be back to the Carlton Tavern, before too long. In September we were asked by Kingston Council to organise a ‘Car free day ride’, which was quite successful, at very short notice, I’m sure we will happily do the same again in the future. The Year finished very strongly, especially for the Midweek rides, with a record attendance of 23 Cyclists in November ! The final Sunday ride visited Woodies, for a fantastic ‘Christmas lunch’, as the Pub is very welcoming, I hope it is now a firm fixture in the ride schedule.

Very special thanks to all the group leaders, that have helped this year, Especially Carl & Bai, also Mags, Mike, Steve F Pete M, thanks as well to all the Back markers, particularly John E & Ellie, but many others who all make the running of the rides go much smoother. Special thanks to John D for all the Bread Puddings, also to Christine for deputising when John has been away, also thanks to Janet, Chris & Tilani who have brought treats for some of the Midweek rides.

Happy new Year to all, see you in 2022 !