Bread pudding ride to Effingham

Sunday 10th April, a mostly bright sunny day, after 2 cancellations, and 2 no shows, 19 Cyclists split into 2 groups, left via Portsmouth Rd, Long Ditton, Hinchley Wood, Littleworth, Claremont, – with 1 local resident a little upset that group 2 knew the way out-, Fairmile, Cobham, Hatchford, Martyr’s green, to Effingham for lunch at a very hospitable, ‘Queen Stage’ (a term used in multi-day Cycle races for the hardest stage), (Photo group 2), with 1 defection from group 1 to group 2, Bookham, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Ashtead, Ashtead Common, Epsom Common (group 1 photo), to Epsom for Tea & Bread pudding at ‘the old Moat Cafe’, with a defection from group 2 to group 1, also ‘Sat-nav’ for group 2 deciding to retire early, but ‘the Stowaway’ from lunch saved the day, West Ewell, Tolworth, Berrylands, to finish back in Kingston. Total 30 Miles, Special thanks to Bai for leading group 2, thanks to Chris F & Mike F for back marking each group, thanks to John D for the BP.


Group 2 & Stowaway after lunch, Queen Stage, Effingham
Group 1, at Stew Pond, Epsom Common

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