Kingston Station area Response 14.7.16


  • We welcome separating people on bikes from general traffic
  • We welcome the proposed 20 mph speed limit on Wheatfield Way and Wood Street
  • Need for segregation of cycles and buses/taxis on Clarence Street and Wood Street between John Lewis and Bentalls Centre
  • Support the Green Link segregated two way cycle routes on the north, with the new bridge, and south, sides, of Wood Street
  • Need a single stage crossing of Wood Street at Bentalls rear entrance towards Skerne Street
  • Support the Western Gateway proposals and the segregated cycle route along the Horsefair under John Lewis but need to retain, or replace, existing cycle parking

Station Forecourt

  1. We are concerned that the two-way segregated cycle way on Clarence Street appears to stop before it reaches the pedestrian access for the Rotunda. It is not clear whether people on bikes would then use a shared-use area. Plainly the cycle track needs to be continuous near to the station and to join up with the existing (poor quality) segregated route along Richmond Road
  2. The location of the proposed ‘Hub’ appears to be in the way of pedestrians wanting to access the crossing of Richmond Road. The purpose of the proposed Hub is also ambiguous. Another coffee outlet appears unnecessary. Would the Hub be something supported with revenue from the council? This seems to be potentially unnecessary. We note that the information kiosk near this location was removed not long ago. More details are required to take a view
  3. The status of the proposed ‘Shared Space’ in Fife Road is ambiguous because the drawing also appears to show footways and a carriageway. Recently RBK has installed bollards on the footway to prevent footway parking which indicates that vehicle parking is a problem here. We need clarification of what is proposed for Fife Road. The current cycle contraflow works reasonably well but may need to be widened
  4. We would welcome additional secure cycle parking. Careful consideration of the design and location is needed, however, because the existing secure storage is largely unused as train users can save time on their journeys by using the existing on-street cycle parking
  5. Currently the large number of cyclists and pedestrians using the cycle crossing where Wood Street joins Clarence Street can inhibit people on bikes and on foot. It is not clear from the consultation how the proposals might address this issue. The suggestion is that the crossing would be wider, which we welcome. Parallel and separate cycle and pedestrian crossings should be considered

Green Link

  1. We welcome the proposed fully segregated bi directional cycle track on the south side of Wood Street which is long over-due. No details are supplied and this needs to be designed and built to London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS), including a width of 3 metres. It also needs to meet the cycle crossing to the station
  2. The idea of a wider bridge over Wood Street is attractive. The existing bridge is too narrow for shared use, has tight corners at the ends and steep ramps on the approaches. The new bridge needs to correct these flaws. It appears from the sketches in the consultation brochure to have separate approaches for people on foot and on bikes. We support that. Shared use for the bridge itself is acceptable provided the bridge is of sufficient width. We support this although detailed design needs to comply with LCDS
  3. No proposal is put forward to address the blocking of the pedestrian and cycle crossing by motors at the car park access by Skerne Road. We think this scheme should address that problem which makes it sometimes difficult to cross the road at that point
  4. We would welcome a straight-across single stage crossing of Wood Street at the rear entrance to Bentalls towards Skerne Street. This is not included in the proposal, so far as we can see, and should be. As more people walk and cycle, as is the purpose of these proposals, then the crossing island could become dangerously congested, it is already busy at times. For safety reasons this issue must not be ducked. If more people will use the widen foot and cycle bridge, north of Wood Street, to access Kingston from the station, there will be more use of this crossing. This route could be used to ease bike and pedestrian congestion on the main route via Fife Road Improvement of this crossing will assist access to the river north of Kingston Bridge and access to the proposed berth of “Gloriana”

Western Gateway

  1. There appears to be no proposed improvements to the indicated main cycle route on Wood Street between John Lewis and the Bentall Centre and Clarence Street between John Lewis and All Saints. We have had feedback that some cyclists do not like using the same carriageway as the many large buses here. The current facility is not suitable for all ages mini-Holland cycling. We would urge a design that fully segregates cycles and buses here. There is space for a fully segregated cycle track through what is, in effect, a bus station. This is the kind of change which is essential to get more people cycling and reduce motor traffic
  2. We welcome the proposed cycle route through the ‘John Lewis’ underpass on Horse Fair and would like to see more information about that proposal as it is not clear what type of facility is proposed
  3. At the Western Gateway (by TK Maxx at the bridge foot) an improvement scheme is proposed. This location is currently the site of a heavily used cycle parking area. It is not clear from the consultation drawing whether the cycle parking would be retained or enhanced. New landscaping is indicated where the cycle parking is currently. All cycle parking needs to be retained or replaced nearby as the current parking is heavily used

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